TML Messaging Suite  1.1.5
for Java
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void com.tmlsidex.jni.Tml.tml_Evt_Send_SubscriptionRequest ( long  coreHandle,
String  sProfile,
String  sSourceHost,
String  sSourcePort,
String  sDestHost,
String  sDestPort,
long  timeout 
) throws TmlSidexException

send an event subscription request

Register a peer to receive events of a specifc profile from an event producer.

coreHandleTML core handle (TML_CORE_HANDLE)
sProfileprofile name
sSourceHosthost name / IP addresse of the subscriber
sSourcePortport number of the subscriber
sDestHosthost name / IP addresse of the event producer
sDestPortport number of the event producer
timeouttimeout in milliseconds