TML Messaging Suite  1.1.5
for Java
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void com.tmlsidex.jni.Tml.tml_Bal_Set_OnBusyStatusRequest ( long  coreHandle,
String  profile,
TmlJniBalBusyStatusRequestHandlerIF  cbInstance,
Object  cbData 
) throws TmlSidexException

register a busy status request handler

To implement a custom load balancing instead of a round robin, the status request handler can collect and return host specifc data. The data is added to the TML command passed to the handler function. On sender side the data is collected and passed to a load balance calculation handler to determine the index of the next registered peer to call. If either the busy status request handler or the load balancing calculation handler is not implemented round robin is used.

coreHandleTML core handle (TML_CORE_HANDLE)
profileprofile name
cbInstanceinstance of an implementation of the callback method interface / set null for deregistration
cbDatacustom data or null / set null for deregistration
See also
Tml::tml_Bal_Set_OnCalculation(long, String, TmlJniBalCalculationHandlerIF, Object)