TML Messaging Suite  1.1.5
for Java
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 General functionsGeneral SIDEX API functions
 Return valuesReturn values of SIDEX API function calls
 SIDEX documentHandling of SIDEX documents
 Group/Key managmentManaging groups and keys in SIDEX documents
 Read/Write valuesRead/Write values from/to the SIDEX document
 SIDEX datatypesSIDEX API for supported datatypes
 General variant functionsGeneral functions to handle data objects
 Simple data typesSimple data objects
 IntegerHandling of integer values
 NoneHandling of None values
 BooleanHandling of Boolean values
 FloatHandling of Float values
 StringHandling of String values
 BinaryHandling of Binary data
 DateTimeHandling of DateTime values
 container typesDatatypes containing multiple variant values
 ListA list of values
 DictionaryValues organized in a dictionary with a string key
 TableA table with rows and columns
 type id constantsType id constants
 TML APIDescription of TML API functions
 TML return codesTML return codes
 General functionsGeneral library functions
 TMLCoreTMLCore functions
 Listener managementTMLCore listener management
 Profile managementTMLCore profile
 Sending commandsUsing the TMLCore to send commands
 Event handlingSending of events to multiple destinations
 Load balancingBalance command calls
 Stream communicationUsing TML streams
 TML commandsCreating and handling of TML commands
 Command message callbacksCallback methods for multiple answers and asynchronous reply handling
 Accessing header informationFunctions to access command header information
 TML callback interfacesDefinition of callback interfaces used in TML API
 SIDEX ClassesClasses to simplify usage of the SIDEX API for Java
 TML ClassesClasses to simplify the usage of the TML API for Java
 Callback interfacesCallback interfaces for TML classes